About Page

HypnoTapes.com was one of the very first websites to start selling hypnosis tapes online — way back in 1998! Around 2002 Compact Discs (CDs) were available.

Since then tapes are no longer used and don’t yet have the nostalgia of vinyl. Maybe one day they will make a comeback like vinyl Long Play (LPs)  and the 45 singles.

CDs? They have yet to capture the imagination of audiophiles the same way vinyl has, but maybe the millennial generation will find some nostalgia for the ageing medium.

Now, it easier and faster to get hypnosis ‘tapes’ and CDs with the internet as digital Mp3 files.

These files can be downloaded immediately to your smart device, at a lower cost than they were then and also without incurring postal or delivery charges.

And no distracting hiss that audio tapes used to have.

If , by some chance, you still happen to have any of the old hypno tapes in your possession, do please send us a photo of them.